thirty3 is a


(vibration-based experience)

thirty3 Mission Statement

thirty3 is a new form of improvised music that takes into account the environment in which it is played as well as creating an environment of its own. While a genre itself, it can also be incorporated into any genre. It is beautiful, sophisticated and innovative new music with a recognizable style and a strong melodic core. Because it is always improvised and is synergistic in nature, it reflects the pure and absolute truth of the moment and by virtue of this, inherently demands something from the listener. It is intended to raise the consciousness and to elevate the mind. The music is also intended to raise the expectations of audiences with regard to the quality of music they hear and, through the application of a unique methodology, to make a substantial contribution to the field of music as a whole.


VIBE™ is the trademark of thirty3 and Mystic Sound, LLC

March 7 Concert postponed

Our apologies to our fans. Har Sinai Church of Christ had severe flooding due to burst pipes, so we have to postpone our March 7 concert until further notice. Advance tickets will be honored on the new date. We will keep you updated as to our next concert.

thirty3 New Year's Day concert video

thirty3 featuring Jay Kishor on guitar and Savana Moore on piano are happy to share the set 1 video of their 2015 New Year's Day concert courtesy of Watch here.

The Northern Lights Suite is on YouTube

You can now listen to The Northern Lights Suite in its entirety on YouTube. Some of the tracks were too large to put as free downloads here....

thirty3 live at Toro Mata

thirty3 featuring Jay Kishor on guitar and Savana Moore on piano live at Toro Mata, Washington DC's premiere commercial art gallery in Adams Morgan. Listen here.

MUSIC REVIEW: Taken by thirty3
All three songs are improvised. Knowing this lends an intimate quality to the music. It feels as though you are listening to a passionate conversation that you were not supposed to hear. These works are hypnotic and sexy—each finding a way to build to a quiet crescendo in their own time, before sighing and settling luxuriantly back into place. [Read More...]
thirty3 signed to Magnatune Records

We are excited to present our debut album, Rare, the Kafi Kanada Sessions. Kafi Kanada is a rare and ancient Indian classical raga or melody. It provides the setting for this live improvised music in a "gravity-free" environment.



Phillips After 5
This evening the Phillips was featuring an artist named Jay Kishor and his original compositions. He is considered a Master Sitarist and guitar virtuoso, but is really a musical genius. His work was a revelation of sound and emotion.
Phillips After 5 Series: Spirituality in Art
It was artist Jay Kishor and the beauty of his music and guitar playing made it obvious why he is considered a Master Sitarist, musical genius, and guitar virtuoso. He has developed a new methodology for playing the guitar and sitar that bridges both the East and West in music and this was his first performance of his new works. His work is both soothing and arresting and the perfect antidote to a stressful day. [Read More...]
An Evening With Stanley Jordan and Jay Kishor
Fittingly, Jordan sounded very much the student in this Eastern setting, unable to match Kishor's deft attack. [Read More...]
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