Magnatune recording and performing artist, former Visiting Artist with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, rostered artist for the Kennedy Center, and panel member for the development of the ethno-musicology program at Peabody Conservatory, sitar and surbahar virtuoso Jay Kishor brings to the art of the electric guitar an intense discipline in world music culminating from an intensive fifteen year period of study in India in the traditional "master-disciple" training from a number of renowned masters (Nabaganashyam Singh, John Bell, Dr. Allyn Miner, Manju Mehta, Brij Bhushan Kabra, Dr. Rajbhan Singh, Rooshikumar Pandya, Annapurna Devi) after having been awarded a Ford Fellowship.

Raised in America, Jay combines elements from world, European classical, jazz, Blues, country and rock music and deftly incorporates his extensive knowledge of Ragas (ancient Indian melodies) into his improvisations. Jay approaches the guitar as a storyteller in the language of music.

As a sitarist, he worked closely with guitarist Michael Hedges and toured and recorded with guitarist Stanley Jordan (Ragas, State of Nature), has released several classical sitar works as well as forming his band touchingGrace and recording "The Gandhi Memorial Concert" with his group, The Rajdhani Quartet. His debut solo guitar album, Stories from My Grandfather's Village, and the album Rare from his duo thirty3 demonstrate a guitar style that reflects an intuitive ability to improvise melodic lines that capture the heart and transport the soul.




Savana Moore’s musical aesthetic is a verb, starting with a strong base of training in classical music and technique and evolving substantially after she became Jay Kishor’s protégé. Her hallmark style employs space, phrasing and dynamics intended to exploit the full range of the piano. Raised in a home environment where self-education was a way of life, over time, she has developed her creative gifts as a musician foremost, but also as a poet, writer, and artist. In addition to creating music that is alive and in the moment, her intent is also to transcend and elevate. 



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