Album Cover
Rare, The Kafi Kanada Sessions
Released: Aug 19, 2013
Label: Magnatune Records
Track Listing
1 Session 1
2 Session 2
3 Session 3

Liner Notes

Kafi Kanada is a rare and ancient Indian classical raga. It provides the setting for this music in a "gravity-free environment," a melding of sitarist Jay Kishor's guitar playing with Savana Moore's piano.

There are so few of us left 
and we are very old 
we are the last of our kind 
walking here 
among our fallen ancestors 
passing slowly 
over their bones 
like elephants in their mystical graveyards, 
ancient, mossy, weathered stones 
the scent of our own coming absence 
rising from the soil 
and swallowed by the roses 
still and pungent in the vaporous air 
losing ourselves 
in the moment of our own extinction 
while we are not yet gone, 
but merely rare

~Savana Moore

Cover photograph courtesy of Larry Shaefer 
All music is live and improvised.


MUSIC REVIEW: Taken by thirty3
The Silver Spring Takoma Park Voice
All three songs are improvised. Knowing this lends an intimate quality to the music. It feels as though you are listening to a passionate conversation that you were not supposed to hear. These works are hypnotic and sexy—each finding a way to build to a quiet crescendo in their own time, before sighing and settling luxuriantly back into place. [Read More...]
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