Phillips After 5
This evening the Phillips was featuring an artist named Jay Kishor and his original compositions. He is considered a Master Sitarist and guitar virtuoso, but is really a musical genius. His work was a revelation of sound and emotion.
Phillips After 5 Series: Spirituality in Art
It was artist Jay Kishor and the beauty of his music and guitar playing made it obvious why he is considered a Master Sitarist, musical genius, and guitar virtuoso. He has developed a new methodology for playing the guitar and sitar that bridges both the East and West in music and this was his first performance of his new works. His work is both soothing and arresting and the perfect antidote to a stressful day. [Read More...]
An Evening With Stanley Jordan and Jay Kishor
Fittingly, Jordan sounded very much the student in this Eastern setting, unable to match Kishor's deft attack. [Read More...]